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Sukalyan Mukherjee


Sukalyan Mukherjee
Sukalyan Mukherjee

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The Quest

31/08/2011 08:41

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I don' t belong to any caste,creed,religion,nationality but to humanity as a whole.I envisage unification of entire humanity transcending all divisive barrier created
by society.

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    Barindranath Chaki
    Barindranath Chaki
    on 30/08/2011

    Mr. Mukherjee,
    Thank you for blog posting. But you are to do two things. Give your Blog a name, a short name, such as Yoga of Sri Aurobindo, or one of your choice. It is not the same with the name of the first posting.
    Secondly, About the blog should not be the entire posting. It should be shorter and different from your present posting. You may see my blog and you can know what to do.

    All the best.

  • 1314038492
    Barindranath Chaki
    Barindranath Chaki
    on 22/08/2011

    Thank you, Sukalyan Mukherjee, that you have joined. You are welcome! Please update your profile page, along with a photograph of yourself and other details. All the best,


    Barin Chaki

The Quest.

The Quest

Human Relationships in Yoga 

[Sri Aurobindo-LETTERS ON YOGA-PART TWO-Section - VIII]



YOU seem not to have understood the principle of this yoga. The old yoga demanded a complete renunciation extending to the ...


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