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Barindranath Chaki


Barindranath Chaki
Barindranath Chaki

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The Way of Sri Aurobindo

27/08/2011 15:29

The New Summit

19/08/2011 18:14

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Interested mainly in the Adventure of Consciousness, I believe in human progress and evolution and in the inner capacity of Man to outgrow and master all his imperfections and darkness, to grow into a creative, constructive and higher divine being, along with the society, conquering all inner and outer darkness, crossing all barriers and divisions. I am a retired Officer of the Orissa Administrative Service from Orissa, India. Since adolescence, I was inspired by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother (Mira Alfassa) and sought to understand and follow Their Teaching. In 1956, I read The Life Divine, and gradually, read almost all that is written by Them and about Them. I have visited Sri Aurobindo Ashram and Auroville some times. I organized some Sri Aurobindo centres in Orissa. I and my wife and children had a special Darshan of The Mother on 3rd March 1972. Mira Aditi Centre has published my Bengali translations of some books including Sri Aurobindo or the Adventure of Consciousness by Satprem, India's Rebirth and India the Mother, collections from the writings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

Presently, I have mainly the following Blogs and Websites:
All Choice [ http://allchoice-barin.blogspot.com ],
The New Horizon [ http://barinchaki.webs.com ],
AUROSPACE [ http://auro-space.webs.com ],
ASPIRATION [ http://aspiration.mixxt.at ],
Barin Chaki [ http://barinchaki.blogspot.com ]
The Altar [ http://the-altar.webs.com ],
The New Platform [ http://platform-barin.blogspot.com/ ], and
The New Creation [ http://newcreation-barin.blogspot.com ]

I have a blog [ http://barinchaki.sulekha.com ] in Sulekha.

I have also created a group in Facebook, namely, The Aspirants.

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The New Summit

The Way of Sri Aurobindo

The Aim of Sri Aurobindo was never to lead and take the mankind to any heaven, away from this earth of ours, to lead the mankind to Moksha or Nirvana, away from this troublesome and difficult manifested existence on earth. He did not advise us to go back t


The New Summit

The Humanity on Earth, is moving and progressing towards a vast and complete Transformation, towards the Next Step in the Evolution on earth, towards the emergence of a New Race on earth. Mankind is proceeding towards the New Summit of Consciousness and Existence. And in this March ...


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    Thy presence is my immortality.

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